The Five Unity Principles
  • God is all there is and present everywhere. This is the force of love and wisdom that underlies all of existence.

  • Human beings are divine at their core and therefore inherently good.

  • Thoughts have creative power to determine events and attract experiences.

  • Prayer and meditation keep us aligned with the one great power in the universe.

  • It is not enough to understand spiritual teachings. We must live the Truth we know.

Unity is a positve way of life that seeks to bring about heaven-on-earth. It is a modern-day, Christian approach for understanding the nature of God, life, Jesus, humanity, and the Bible.

Unity is eclectic, drawing upon Truth wherever found in science, psychology, education, philosophy, and also other religions, yet the Bible is Unity's main textbook of inspiration. Our approach to the study of the Bible is metaphysical. That is, we seek the spiritual meanings that each story conveys to the reader of today.

The scriptures are literally the written stories of our Jewish-Christian heritage. But metaphysically, the Bible is our story -- the story of mankind's spiritual journey through human life. Rather than a human being on a spiritual quest, each person is truly a spiritual being having a human experience.

Unity's main emphasis is upon the Gospels, wherein one may glean powerful insights into the life and teachings of Jesus.  His precepts on love, forgiveness, and non-resistance were demonstrated under the most severe of human conditions.

The Master is therefore a Way-Shower in the unfolding of our own spiritual-human journey. To better understand Jesus, Unity teaches us to see him -- not as the divine exception to be worshipped -- but as our spiritual example to be followed.

The ministry of Jesus was, and is, about the 'good news' that God's Kingdom, or Presence, is within us.  As he prayerfully connected, or rather, attuned to the spiritual resources within, so you and I may, and should, do likewise.

Through an understanding and practical application of the Universal Principles that Jesus Christ taught, every person can realize and express his/her divine potential for a happier, fuller, and more successful life.

If these principles and concepts appeal to you, consider our Unity ministry to be an open door through which you are welcome to enter.

Charles and Myrtle Fillmore
Charles and Myrtle Fillmore
Founders of Unity
Unity is for people who might call themselves spiritual but not religious. It is for those who sense the depths of their own being and celebrate the awareness of a power greater than themselves.

The teachings in Unity bring together ancient wisdom with new
interpretations of what it means to be alive and human. Unity inspires different ways to think about the force of love and intelligence that many people call God.

Some of what you’ll find in Unity might sound familiar and other parts brand-new. Although the principles of healing and prosperity taught in Unity have now been scientifically explained, the ideas must have seemed radical when they were put forth by founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore beginning in the 1880s.

Unity has no dogma. The Fillmores were reluctant even to issue a statement of beliefs. They wanted to remain in constant exploration.